Mt Tabor

An old house with multiple additions on a beautiful site at the top of Mt. Tabor in Portland, OR. The house gets a lift by removing the structure down to the floor framing, then adding an expanded two-story, contextually relevant, craftsman house. First floor spaces focus on small, up-close constructed views and the second floor master suite looks over the neighbors to the borrowed landscape of Mt. Hood and the Cascade Range.

UVA Solar House

This solar powered house utilized passive heating and cooling technologies along with photovoltaic and solar hot water collectors to achieve a fully functional 800 square foot 100 percent sun powered home. Done in my final year of school at the University of Virginia, my roles included three dimensional design modeling coordination, construction, and competition member. The Mall, Washington DC, 2002


A spine of major spaces spills down the hillside towards louvered glazing with sweeping valley views, while integrated sod roofed guest quarters anchor the residence into the earth. Tucked up to a steep oak woodland bank on the north face, the southern façade provides parking and terrace space. Done during my time at Obie Bowman, Architect FAIA, my roles included preliminary design development and initial permit document production. Ukiah, CA 2006-2007, unbuilt

Pleasant Back Porch

Wanting to replace a dark, low, corrugated metal covering; this airy porch roof combines light wood framing with translucent corrugated plastic, and a grape arbor to create an open, sheltered space for rainy Oregon winters, and allowing light deeper into the interior spaces. Solely designed and constructed on the fly during a 4 day period. Medford, OR 2010

Nesbitt Residence

A 15,000 square foot home perched on the edge of a bluff at a river bend. The design angles around to form a private courtyard space on the open bluff top while providing multiple views both upstream and downstream. A stone tower spiral staircase anchors the residence while a living room porch perches out looking towards water. Thick stone veneer adds weightiness to the whole. Done during my time at Hamady Architects, my roles included primarily Microstation 3D modeling during conceptual, preliminary and construction documents phases, detailing, and construction document production. St. Charles, IL 2002-2003, unbuilt

Dry Creek

Winding up through a redwood forest to the residence, the concrete entrance furthers the compression while the roof overhangs expands gives wings to overlook the meadow and Dry Creek Valley below. Done during my time working at Obie Bowman, Architect FAIA, my roles included minor preliminary design development and detail drawing. Dry Creek Valley, CA 2007.

Denmark House

Utilizing the neighborhood format of small footprint homes on skinny lots with smaller outbuildings, the design places the parents’ private areas east facing towards the seas and above common spaces. Teenage sons have separate bedrooms and a shared bath in the outbuilding. The main building utilizes both sunspace solar heating combined with passive ventilation. Completed during a semester abroad with the Denmark International Study Program, Copenhagen, Denmark 2001, unbuilt

Hutchins's Porch

Thin structure of the screen porch reflects the view out towards the tall thin pine trees and integration into the existing residence provides easy access to the kitchen inside and a barbeque area outside. Solely designed and constructed with the owner. Richmond, VA 2002

Back Porch

A short remodel to enhance the safety and finish. Includes a preliminary design of additional screen porch and second stair. Designed for my brother who then also did the work. Charlottesville, VA 2008

Meditation Place

A meandering path separates you from the outside as you focus in on the 100 square foot room for repose. Sunken into the ground the space allows for quiet meditation where the only recognition of the world outside the space is water on a rainy day flowing in through a whole in the roof and landing on a large stone in the center. A studio project completed at the University of Oregon, Eugene OR 2005, unbuilt

Hutchins's Front Porch

Natural materials soften the harsh character and add depth to a featureless front entrance on this existing waterfront house on the Pamunkey River. Working off the idea of the tri-partied façade, the design incorporates room for circulation along with relaxation. A solo conceptual design project. Eugene OR, 2006, unbuilt


University of Oregon School of Education

This 50,000 square foot variety of mixed-use activity centers located along a continuous circulation corridor utilizes the ideas of small scale units, transparency, layering and connected outdoor spaces, to achieve the University’s goal of a collaborative and multi-disciplinary setting to educate teachers. A studio project completed at the University of Oregon, Eugene, 2005-2006, unbuilt


Located in SE Portland OR, the proposal creates a space to act as a ‘beacon’ to attract and benefit both the day laborers and the City of Portland. The mixed use center caters to the laborers with a job center, retail space, and an interior courtyard on the first floor; along with an educational center, and administration offices on the second and third floors. A vegetated wall mediates the indoor / outdoor environment with natural materials. Circulation spaces are unconditioned to provide a connection to the outdoors throughout the building and to contribute to the energy efficiency of the project.

Collaborative Center for the Arts

An early University of Virginia design studio project, the center molds the performing, studio, and digital arts realms into one collaborative environment. The U-shaped building provides a street façade integrated with its surrounding on a downtown street, individual working space along the three wings with collaborative multi-disciplinary spaces interspersed in the intersecting corners and the courtyard. Asheville NC, 2000, unbuilt


Two Legged Rocker

An ash wood half-rocker using limited resources to create a dual mode chair for relaxation. Bent wood rockers and bent wood front leg/arm rests intersect a plus shaped frame to support a woven metal wire seat and back. Completed during a furniture design studio at the University of Oregon, Eugene, 2005

Wood Round Table

Oak rounds cantilever off a Madrone branch to form a gravity defying table. Knots, holes and bark lend rustic character and depth to a contemporary design form. Completed in Santa Rosa, 2007-2008

Chicken Tractor

Chicken Tractors are mobile chicken coops incorporating aspects of sustainable farming and lawn maintenance with fresh eggs. Built to mimic the barn on the property, this tractor can house up to six chickens. Solely designed and constructed. Sonoma County, CA 2010.

St. Elmo Benches

Utilizing historic photos, this project sought to replicate a pair of long lost wooden benches outside an existing fraternity house. Made from oak and joined with epoxy resin. A solo design project including coordination with the fabricator. Charlottesville, VA 2002

Redwood Bedframe

Sources combine in a traditional knock-down frame made from recycled old growth redwood 2x joists from a 100 year old Levi's factory in San Francisco and bolted to contemporary mitered corners of the same material. Redwood slats recycled from old farm building support a foam mattress. Done as a personal piece in Santa Rosa, CA 2007

Stackable Shelves

Inspired by karate dojo tables and made from recycled old growth redwood 2x joists from a 100 year old Levi's factory in San Francisco. Doweled wood joinery allows the shelves to position individually or stack as a bookshelf unit. A Christmas gift for someone special. Santa Rosa, CA 2007



Various examples of studio, professional, personal and sketch models completed throughout my career.


Various examples of studio, professional, and personal watercolors largely completed from 2004 through 2007.


Various examples of studio, professional, and personal sketches and drawings completed throughout my career utilizing ink and graphite on various mediums.